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Evaluating Rubrics | Origin: EL109

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Using Rubrics to Enhance Online Learning --> Evaluating Rubrics

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This is the first time I am learning about metarubrics. I can see why professionals would need it.

I would think that a supervisor could use a metarubric that was developed by a higher level instructor who could take on the task of developing these. 

When developing a rubric you are looking at content, clarity, usefulness and reliability. 

Valid and reliable rubrics will enhance the learning environment. The construction and layout of the rubric is key for understanding its use. Student success in a particular assignment ways heavy on the language of the rubric.

Ive never created a rubric, but i have used them as they were done by a supervisor. I do understand it takes time to make sure it concise and fits all types of students ability. It must be reliable for it to be succussful 

Reliable and valid rubrics should have the same end result if another instructor was grading the same student.


Use the Metarubric to evaluate your rubrics for content, clarity, usefulness and reliabilit/validit.


How metarubics can help if you have never developed one. Asking students to be be part of the development of a rubic as a group.

I was not aware of metarubrics, but having the ability to evalidate rubrics ensures that the tools we use are effective and valid. Having students involved in the production of rubrics helps students and instructors be clear and develop rapport with each other.


Once again reliability is key in developing rubrics

I learned When developing a rubric you are looking at content, clarity, usefulness and reliability.

Rich feedback is detailed and descriptive.


THAT IN ENSURING RICH FEEDBACK "Feedback is provided through the evaluation of student work. This evaluation is not something instructors should do "to" the students, but something they should do "for and with" their students. Feedback is essential to the learning process and should provide students with relevant information."


 Bringing students into helping with making the rubric can enhance student motivation, interest, and performance.


As an instructor you should not only use rubics, He the instructor should choose to use it not only for it's components and design this will give the students an idea of how they are doing. Not only are they finishing and learning on a lab, but they have valuable feedback as well.


That there are some general mega rubrics that allow evaluating the micro rubrics or the more specific ones used. They can contain general or common aspects to all other rubrics

Feedback is a big part of the rubric whether it's helping you assess the rubric to see if it provides what you need, allowing you to give students feedback through the rubric or having student input on it's implementation.

Rubrics greatly improve student learning.

the megarubric is a useful tool,enhancing and modifying the rubric is important.

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