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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.


my successe has come from max knowledge and im growing

Action plan

This was a very informative resource. It allowed me the opportunity to evaluate the methods of assessment that I use and be aware of other resources that are available to me

EL 142

We always think that to carry out an assessment process, technology is the most important thing, if necessary. The important thing establishes a work plan aligned with the objectives. Planning is fundamental to the development of an effective assessment. Which allows the monitoring of student learning.

EL106 - Evaluating Student Learning in Online Courses


It is important to assess student learning within the teaching setting. In my case, it is efficient to use the rubric because it allows establishing the criteria based on the student learning outcomes of the program to which the course(s) belongs.


This course has been really helpful as I can see the type of assessment is important for helping students master the content and success in achieving the course/learning objectives.

Action Plans

Understanding more about personality traits can help instructors understand the learning needs of our students


Never thought about levels of learning


Finishing the mandatories finally.  So much to think about not just the subject matter.   The content was well written and the question straight to the point.

EL 109

I will use this to learn more about rubrics and the correct use.

EL 109

The creation of a reliable rubric is a skill that must be learned. EL 109 takes the learner through the process of developing a rubric that will ensure the learner understands the types of rubrics and the design techniques necessary to create a fair assessment tool for student performance. Although the process of designing rubrics is time-intensive, the effort will save time during grading and ensure fairness in the grading process. 


Rubric class

Very nice class. This was very helpful. 


Great training.


Biggest challenge is getting students to actually read the assignments and do the work when left to their own devices, I send them emails telling them how they need to dedicate time to doing the work and also remind them they are the ones that need to motivate themselves 


Assessments require planning and consideration of the learning objectives. 

Best Practices

Allow students to help create the rubrics and give feedback on how they will be graded. 

Evaluation On the Completion of 12 Online Courses

On completion of the CHEP (Certified Higher Education Professional) course, I have learned the importance of effective engagement and support for students who are taking Online Courses. First impression are very important and none more so than in the Online environment. It is key that first week of instruction to show students that you are fully engaged. Important areas to focus on initially are: Introductions posted to the student lounge, outline clear expectations and show excellent availability for any questions that students may have. By establishing your presence as the teacher early, you show students that you are both visible… >>>

Aspects of research from Chickering & Ehrmann (1997) that I find particuliarly useful for Online Learning

I have found it interesting that Chickering & Ehrmann were able to include a focus on e-learning practices, within the original work developed by Chickering and Gamzon (1987).

Chickering and Ehrmann's work (1997), shows that online teaching/learning is an important way to gain knowledge in the 21st century. From their list of effective knowledge, skills, I especially like the following areas emphasizing active participation and the use of life experiences in the learning process.

  • Converting traditional lectures into learner-centered content and lessons that encourage students to be active participants. 
  • Creating open-ended application questions that require students to connect information
  • >>>

action plan

To get a certificate for completing this


After taking this course EL 109 I would love to review my departments rubrics for all courses in the department.  How should one get started?

Validity vs reliability

I have always had a difficult time understanding these two points because to me, they are synonymous.  I sit there staring and reading into it like affect vs effect, and can't seem to decipher it.  This course helped me understand it a little better, but without me using these terms on a continuous basis, I will know that I will forget their meanings again.