Biggest challenge is getting students to actually read the assignments and do the work when left to their own devices, I send them emails telling them how they need to dedicate time to doing the work... >>>


Assessments require planning and consideration of the learning... >>>

Best Practices

Allow students to help create the rubrics and give feedback on how they will be... >>>

Evaluation On the Completion of 12 Online Courses

On completion of the CHEP (Certified Higher Education Professional) course, I have learned the importance of effective engagement and support for students who are taking Online Courses. First... >>>

Aspects of research from Chickering & Ehrmann (1997) that I find particuliarly useful for Online Learning

I have found it interesting that Chickering & Ehrmann were able to include a focus on e-learning practices, within the original work developed by Chickering and Gamzon (1987).
Chickering and... >>>

action plan

To get a certificate for completing... >>>


After taking this course EL 109 I would love to review my departments rubrics for all courses in the department.  How should one get... >>>

Validity vs reliability

I have always had a difficult time understanding these two points because to me, they are synonymous.  I sit there staring and reading into it like affect vs effect, and can't seem to decipher... >>>

My wisdom.

The course has been beneficial and exciting for me. I teach writing, and a Rubric is the best tool to guide my students through the process of learning. Designing a rubric takes time, but it is the... >>>

Rubrics are essentials.

The course has been beneficial and exciting for me. I teach writing, and a Rubric is the best tool to guide my students through the process of... >>>

Online Learning

I felt this course was very similar to EL 104.  My grading, and rubrics, are determined by an outside body so this course ended up not being very useful to... >>>

Sharing EL106 Insights

I plan to share several tips / insights from EL106 with my... >>>

challenges with online quizzes

An issue that we struggle with is online quizzes having a challenge with cheating/sharing of answers.  Ideas?... >>>


The differences in assessment are varied but my overall take away is the importance of testing and evaluating studetnsover... >>>

Can not wait to implement

This last set empowered my assessment... >>>


Assessments are so intrical to the learning process.  Even though they may take many hours of planning, researching, and constructing, they serve the best method of gauging student... >>>

Technology in the Way

I once took a graduate course where we were each given a technology to use as part of the experience and it caused barriers to the learning.
Some of the technologies did not work with the schools LMS... >>>

Assessment and Evaluation

I teach a blended course that introduces faculty to teaching and learning in the online environment. One of the basic concepts is differentiating between assessement of learning and evaluation... >>>