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Following the students success after graduation is a great feeling, having graduates that are employed come to speak to the students if also a great tool, if they can do it so can I! 

Just asking different questions upon first meeting the student will assess their learning styles

Creating cheers or raps are lots of fun, the students actually love making thing rhyme and it makes sense to them, helps when reviewing notes for test

Having key words in the handout / material is a great tool to use to encourage students to read assignments and be prepared for the next class

Guided notes are useful and helpful, especially for the student who has been out of the classroom setting for a few years, letting them know what will be covered

Reviews are very helpful for the students, it can help keep them on track with their learning, if there is something they do not understand, with the review they can actually pinpoint the information they needl.

Understanding the different learning preferences of the students is crucial in planning a course, observing how the student interacts with classmates will help when planning a course

Having students from different stages we have to adjust our teaching skills to facilitate the information processed by each student.

Using different methods will help student comprehension, so many diverse students with different learning patterns or techniqus, we can use the different tools that we have acquired and improve them

Letting the student know what our expectations and goals are for each course being taught

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