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As an online instructor, it is important to use technology that is reliable, accessible, and user-friendly to assure successful student learning

Instructors should be present in class at least 5 days to show students their presence and provide feedback to show the student that their effort is being recognized. 

Time management skills to avoid work overload will create a more successful teaching environment and a more successful outcome for the students.

Time management,eliminating distractions, and organizational skills are important components to a successful online teaching experience.

I found interesing the different ways in which to make a course more accessible, for instance; add an ALT text tag for an image, chart, photo or visual elements.


The institution is responsible for making sure all courses are presented accessible to students with disabilities. Simply putting curriculum content into an LMS does not secure accessibility for all.


All material presented for learning in an online environment must be easily accessible for the students with disabilities, for example; close captioned.


Providing checklists and organized content can help students with disabilities stay focused and on point.


Reliable and valid rubrics should have the same end result if another instructor was grading the same student.


Rubrics need to be reliable, valid and fair.


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