Melanie Pariseau

Melanie Pariseau

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I feel that engaging students in different ways, includes being open to suggestions. From students to other colleages, its important to include all ideas to create a healthy balance. When students feel they are part of the learning process, it keeps there attention. I also learned that creating ways to bring the students together, online, will help enhance there learning experience. 

 Once instructors have analyzed their own and their students’ learning personalities, they can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, needs, and stressors.

A successful instructor

  • respects students
  • creates a sense of community
  • is warm and caring
  • is accessible
  • is enthusiastic
  • sets high expectations
  • has a love of learning

and I have learned if i use these principles along with the ones i have set for myself, i will be succussful as a instructor

I enjoyed reading about the color traits and i found it very interesting viewing the colors that matched my own personality. i will definitely take this with me as a instructor

I believe using a self assesment prior to starting a new class, will help the instructor to get to know their students. I think it would be beneficial for the instructor to share their results with the new class as well. Understanding the personality of someone, helps you to understand each other better. 

Engagement in the course materials must be promoted and encouraged at the outset by the online instructor, to keep the engagement of students

Online students must take responsibility for their own learning when taking a course which uses active learning techniques. Active learning courses are not for students who want an easy, passive learning online environment. ALong with the instructor making sure everything is working on there side, will help ensure the students success

Activities or assignments that increase students’ attention span and keep them engaged in the class, are at the heart of active learning technique

Keeping the course history and reusing items within the history is an important workload management strategy as the reusable items save time

Students need much more support and feedback in the online environment than in a traditional course.

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