Tim Fager

Tim Fager

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The library is a great place to start for guidance about copyright resources.


It's important to be proactive and teach everyone at your institution to be a great digital citizen. 


Knowing about copyright laws can prevent a lot of costly legal ramifications.

I use computer software tools to help with anti-plagiarism efforts.

According to IBM, most students learn 5 times more information in an online course.

It is important to stay fully engaged in order to monitor the flow of the classroom.

A very interesting read.

Students retain more when they are engaged.

Students with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations as long as they don't impose an unreasonable cost, does not make direct safety issues with others, does not make a substantial change in the curriculum.

I have witnessed students with ODD in the classroom. Knowing how to effectively deal with this disorder will help the student and instructor.

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