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Assistive Technology (AT) Tools | Origin: EL111

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Assistive Technologies for the Online Learner --> Assistive Technology (AT) Tools

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I liked learning about websites and resources I can use to explore options that might help my students.

I had been unaware that some LMS's aren't really compatible with screen readers.  That surprized me.

I found it helpful to understand some of the AT tools available.  The advancement in technology and assistance can quickly become a financial burden.  

I learned about different tools that a student could use such as JAW and Speech generator devices. 

Thorugh my years of fifteen years of teaching I had one student who need modifications for test taking. I know that there were many more out there, wish we could have done something for those students before they withdrew.


The institution is responsible for making sure all courses are presented accessible to students with disabilities. Simply putting curriculum content into an LMS does not secure accessibility for all.


ive learned that even though all students learn differently, there are standards set for a student with disabilities and as a instructor, i have learn that students limits, strengths and keep them engaged with different tactics.

Assessability is a key component for students with disabilities. The instructor must know whether their materials have barriers built into them.

Just because something is posted in LMS does not ensure the accessiblity for all students. 

Learned about the different types of products that can be used such as JAWS and a speech dicepitor.

I am impressed by how much technology has evolved to assist persons with disabilities. Not only at the educational front but overall disable student can use computers such as the Tobii eyewaze to do mostly everything online. I do believe more can be done for visual learners as personally I have not encountered many devices that aids this population.  I a glad that students with disabilities can attein higher education.


If LMS's are so problematic with the disabled community, then why are they so popular with online teaching? Why are the software companies that produce these formats not correcting their mistakes? I think that it would make the online instructor job much easier and more compliant.


I have learned that Just because something is posted in LMS does not ensure the accessiblity for all students with ADA. 


THAT "Simply posting information or materials through an LMS does not ensure accessibility."

I learned that WAVE is a free tool to check images and web pages, accessibility.


When teaching online, LMS sometimes CC can be problematic. I have learned that most LMS need an continuous updating for better access.


The following data is interesting:

 "In a recent study, nearly one-third of blind respondents reported that their experiences were not successful or unreliable when using Learning Management Systems in general. The study found almost all of the features that good online instructors use, namely, assignments, discussion boards, whiteboards, graphics, timed exams, email, real-time chats and recordings were problematic. In particular, assessments which used matching and synchronous chats were the worst offenders. "


".... a 2008 study released by the American Foundation for the Blind found that nearly one third of those students with disabilities who used assistive technology reported that their experience with Learning Management Systems was unreliable/inconsistent or not successful. "


With this type of data is intuitively obvious to me that more educational technology in this field. 

I am very glad to learn that there are many assistive devices for persons with disabilities and hope that all LMS will ensure that content is available to all students, including those with disabilities.

I learned that online instructors should become aware of the different Assistive Technology devices available so that they can then advise their students of the type of equipment or software that the student may need, but is not necessarily aware of.


I learned that with doing extra research and double checking things online, it helps me know I have the correct information to help students. But with that, there also has to be accesability to all students as well. Giving all students the chance to take the class and for us to help them through it. 

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