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Accesiblity is vital for teaching with students with disabilities.  So many different types of technology is available.


All course materials, LMS, slides, video, etc. must use required tools and/or assistive technology (AT) accessible to students with a variety of disabilities for their learning expierience.

Thoughtfulness and planning ahead go a long way to precluding accessibility issues. Understanding what options are available and pairing those options to meet course objects require an effort but necessary to provide learners the best possible experience.


Learning about several of the Assistive Technology Tools that are available was very informative.  I hope I can learn about many more and start considering their use in my classes.


When using an LMS, what is helpful for some, may be harmfull to others, particularly the disabled. I will study different kinds of AT devices so that I am able to better advise disabled students in the future. 

I am absolutely amazed at all the technology avaiable for disabled persons.  By becoming aware of resources and identifying the learner's disability situation, we could offer an educated guidance to pair up the proper assistive technology tools to the students.  This will enhance their education as well as making it a more positive experience for the educators.


 There is a wealth of technology available to assist the disabled students from speech generated devices to alternative input devices.The three used devices are: Dragon naturally speaking, JAWS and KURZwell. Thus, we must make sure our students have access to whatever device they need to enhance their learning.

I learned that LMS courses are not always designed with accommodations in mind and that these courses may be hard (if not impossible) for some students with disabilities to navigate and utilize.

Nancy Tosh

LMS can sometimes be problematic for students with disabilities. LMS need to have alternative options built into them in order to compensate for what is lacking. For example blind students can't see the screen. Therefore an alternative option is required to be built into the LMS to compensate for their lack of vision.

This module did a good job pointing out use of assistive technology for those with learning disabilities. It is important to know this because it is our legal and ethical obligation to students to make sure they are given access to appropriate tools for their learning experience. 


Services must be available and attainable for students with disabilities.  There has to be avenues to facilitate access to services that students with disabilities can use successfully.

I learned that the assistive technology is the principal element for the students with disabilities.  This technology was designed to create independence in the students with disabilities. We can use them to increase the confidence in the students with disabilities.

In this module Ive learned about available software to assist students with disabilities, the responsability of making sure that all course materials are complaining with federal regulations and things that we should keep in mind when putting materials online.


I found it interesting that different tools that a student could use such as JAW and Speech generator devices. 

There are different tools available to instructors to help students with disabilities.


There are different formats and tools that can help make accessibility easier for everyone. The same basic tools wont work for all students and disabilities. It is important to consider the tools you use and how they will help address any miscommunications.

The instructor needs to be aware of different resources for different learning disabilities availabile. 


Assistive technology can be helpful for students and must be made available. 

I learned that wikis and chats are not recommended for students with disabilities. Text boxes are not recommended for students with disabilities.


It's important to know that some traditional online learning techniques are not assessable for learners with disabilities.

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