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I found it very encouraging that students with disabilities want to be treated the same as everyone and not concern ourselves with careful selection of words (example provided of dont ask a deaf person if they have heard from their mother recently) that we might naturally inflict upon ourselves.

Being kind and treating all our students with respect and care is key.

The most effective way to support accomidation for students with disabilities is to discuss and strategize multiple methods for accomidation.  These stategies should fit each situation in a way that best supports the individiuals needs. There is no "one size fits all" and staff should stay open to the individual requests.

Students with disabilities are still just students trying to better themselves. Its important to see the person and not the disbility.  We do that by providing accomidation.  Providing accomidation is another way we can show our students that we want them to succeed.

Accomodation is a requirement not just the right thing to do.  Treating these situations with sensitivity is important to ensure staff is building a safe environment for each and every student.

This module has a lot of good information.  The primary takeaway for me is dont share informaiton. Even positive information like a perfect score cannot be shared without permission.

Reply to Sheila Heinert's post:

Excellent comparison!  FERPA and HIPPA are essentially the same protection for the individual.

This module has clearly outlined that some of the most simpliest of information is protected and as such should be treated with sensitivity.

What an interesting module...FERPA makes complete sense and is a great way to challenge staff to protect student information and records.

The two callouts that I see from this information is consent and online instruction application.  Consent continues to be an evolving definition that deserves continual review and revision.  Online instruction application of Title IX and VAWA requires deeper relationships with our students to ensure we build a safe environment.

Its important for campus employees, administrators and students to understand that campus involvement in sexual abuse and assult is a different process than filing a police report.  

Ensuring that campus officials that know about these instances encourage victums to report the their cases in important to ensure proper criminal procedings. 

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