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I learned that online instructors are responsible for making sure that all course materials are in compliance with federal regulations.  I will take notice to make sure I have the documents accessible in the beginning of my course.


I learned that where technology has gotten very sophisticated it has its flaws. Yet there is much to choose from and orgazize in a class to help the diabled. Great session of information.


This module was quite interesting. I didn't realize that LMS wasn't as reliable to every student. I'm much more aware of this situation now. I will stay informed by making sure student's have what they need to proceed on and complete their online course. 


You need to have a plan for students that have vision, hearing or mobility impairments. Typical LMS's do not mesh well with Assistive Tech tools if you're just trying to take what you have already and apply it through the AT tools. Some forethought must be used in how to address and transfer the material so that it is accessable to the student through one of the many AT Tools.

There ae so many different tools that can used for ease of leaning and navigating for the disabled student.

I learned that there is a vast feild of students that have learning disabilitys that I didn't know existed and that as an instructor this has made me more aware of what I have to provide for these students.

I learned about the different types of products like Jaw and Dragon Speech software.

Gloria I like the available websutes that are available to use for my students.

That many of the resources these students need for online classes are expensive. 

This section has taught me how many different types of assistive tools are available. The abundance of tools can help close the gap for many students with disabilities and provide them with the accessibility needed for their individual situation.


I learned there are 3 types of assistive technology aviailable to students with disabilities. Assistive Technology software, equipment and hardware.  I will remember students with disabilites may not have access to asistive technology 24/7.


New learning was the use of WAVE to check for images and web pages for accessibility, sound like a great tool to utilize in my online courses. Lots of software available; however, the cost may be prohibited for many so need to include multiple formats with course content

It seems that LMS is still trying to provide course material as a basic building block for all students without regard to individuals that mightr need assistance with disabilities. I did not pick the LMS system for my school yet it seems it is my responsibility to ensure that system works for all students period. That is more time and effort without compensation to critically perform software and course content compatibility,. Should have been an IT developer.

Online instructors need to be aware and mindful of online tools and assistive technology to better serve students who may need them.


Kendrick Kim


I liked learning about how some LMS systems make learning difficult for those with disabilities. I appreciated the surveys conducted and guidance given based on results.

There are many resources for students with disabilities that can be utilized. There are also apps and screen readers which help the student to access more material.

Online learning certainly posses many barriers for the disabled student. Many challenges lie ahead. 

Accessibilty is an important consideration for students with disabilities. 


I understand the need to allow for extra time for assessments, but it must be universal. In this asymchronous environment, I would allow for the same time for all students. If some students needed more time, then I would apply that same time to all involved. 

There is a wealth of assistive technology available for students.

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