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I am an HVAC instructor at Porter and Chester Inst. in Woburn Mass. and have been for 5 years


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It is amazing how much technology in the form of communication has become such a huge part of our lives.

I would say that the bottom line for all of this is continuing education for the instructor. Stay abreast of all the updated technology so that it will work for you, instead of hinder you.

Wow, just, WOW. I knew thjat there was alot to do when it came to course set up, but with disabled students, I am not sure that 40 hours a week are enough. Having all of the information pre-assembled in the correct styles and formats is the only way to go. Prepae, prepare, prepare.

If LMS's are so problematic with the disabled community, then why are they so popular with online teaching? Why are the software companies that produce these formats not correcting their mistakes? I think that it would make the online instructor job much easier and more compliant.


I believe that one of the hardest hurdles to get across, is the learned actually letting the instructor know that there is a disability in the first place. There are federal rules against asking students if they have learning disabilities. And if they do not tell you up front, even with the most well thought out course building, you can really be thrown for a loop when the information shows itself.

Well, after reading this about Rubrics, it seems a fair and precise way to evaluate a students progress, as long as it is not too complicated.

We went to a paperless delivery method at my school due to the fact that making students take hand written notes became a problem due to the fact that some students write faster than others. So if you were faster, you had to wait for the slower ones to catch up, while if you were slower, then you may start to feel bad due to the rest of the class "waiting on the slow-poke" so to speak. My only problem with this approach is that hand written notes allow you to retain more of what you are taught. This is… >>>

To assess whether or not my students are obtaining the knowledge that they need, my industry needs a great deal more "hands-on" assignments than knowledge based assignments. Though, they are important, they carry less weight in my mind.

In my industry, F2F interaction capability is an inportant part of the students learned content. So, it is a must that the student get that personalization aspect during class, to be able to transfer it to the real world.

I prefer synchronous learning myself. That way, I can respond immediately to any questions or problems that arise for my students.

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