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Engaging Online Learners | Origin: EL141

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Engaging Online Learners 

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This was a great experience and I learned that students need motivation to be successful foo online courses. Students need various methods of directions for assignments and projects. These could be diagrahams of various styles, sample sheets, videos or other visual aides to  assist all lerarning styles.  Friendly reminders are very needful as many students lifestyles prohibit them from being successful because they forget the coursework. Therefore, the use of these aides and ideas will be implemented.

Because of this module, I now understand the importance of creating alternative ways for the students to contact me. I also recognize the improtance of getting back to the students in a timely manner so that they feel invested in the course.


I have learned there are many ways to engage online learners. Many of the techniques are going to be different for every class and every type of online learners. I would need to learn each students pacific learning style and then I would then know what type of method to employ to assist those students.


I pondered that I am doing much well in the reflective journaling exercises, but still lack the engagement I would like.

Here's my Outline for action thus far, where triple "???" means "yet to discover:"

Topic: Social Media usage during transition to 100% online vs classroom due to COVID-19:

Done Well - Class Contact List shared, Assigned all participants to Small Groups, Content online & easy to navigate, conducted interactive VC meetings & recorded for later review

Not so Well Done - Very fre Results of group work into lockers for member sharing, only 60% assignments completed on time to date, class member's absenteeism and no replies to attempted contact

How to Improve:

Group Work into Lockers - established asynchronous small groups, locker drop boxes set up, award graded points,  ???

On-time Assignment submission - grade point deduction for late assignments, ???

Absenteeism - sent email reminders to both school and home email, contacted enrollment admin, ???


Have the Group/Class help define the problem in a problem solving exercise

                What Went Well regarding shift to online classes?


                What could be Done Better?


                                How can we improve this?

                                                Step 1 - ???

                                                Step 2 - ???   , etc.


This module has shown me the importance of using my resources to engage students in a positive way, while delivering material,  the distant social environment strategies that i could use as a instructor to creatie a interactive exxperience for my students.


From this lesson, I have learned more than I realized before, the importance of reaching out to the students ahead of time to help them feel more comfortable with me as an instructor. This will allow them the resources to contact me other than the LMS. I feel like this was a really good tip and I will use it in the future. 

As an instructor online, communicating with your students is so important for a successful outcome. Keeping students engaged and providing content that is easy to understand and access.


Students are all different so you need to understand that what motivates one student does not motivate another neccesarily.  Keeping in continue communication with the student is your best tool so that you can understand and help them be successful. 

Having strategies to engage students in meaningful learning is important to studen success. Adding an introductory video or email can show Students that they are not a number in a classroom. By providing students with contact information and office hours, students know when to reach out when they need help. Also, by having discussions students can gage other students as resources.


What I have learned here was a reinforcement of the information from the previous classes. Motivation, planning, assessing, communication are the keys to successful online class,

I feel that engaging students in different ways, includes being open to suggestions. From students to other colleages, its important to include all ideas to create a healthy balance. When students feel they are part of the learning process, it keeps there attention. I also learned that creating ways to bring the students together, online, will help enhance there learning experience. 

This course taught me to spend more time with my own communication to make the student feel anticipation for the upcoming class, personal engagement from me, and thoughful critique of their performance. Creating a variety of ways to explain assignments will result in better student cooperation. Including other staff and admin will let them know that other people are monitoring their progress and cheering their successes.These are areas that I can easily improve upon.


Seth Soronnadi

To reflect on whether there is the need to work with administration or others, or if it can be just accomplished as an instructor, and then create a detailed outline process and identify all the necessary steps and how it can be approached.Top of Form

What I learned from this module was keeping the student engaged and what motivates them. Importantance of reaching out to students who may be absent. Also understand the importance of creating alternative ways for the students to contact me.


Engaging for more than an hour time is challenging for any teachers and refreshers come in many forms 

Students need to be able to learn and apply the knowledge to have a meaningful learning experience. F2F this can be done with no problem, Online is where we need to have motivational content so all types of learners can be motivated to learn. I liked using a discussion board for help. The students can help each other in this. 

I think that be open for suggestion of how to conduct the lectures and activities, involves and engages the students in online learning. That make them feel they are also contribuiting to learnign process.

We as instructors need to take care of how to communicate to the students, because some of them might be very busy and others might not be very computer literate.



I have learned the importance of student feedback to keep online learners engaged in the process. Often when I provide feedback it is pretty generic. I will implement more specific feedback that is more in-depth to encourage the students to continue learning.

Switching to online classes due to COVID has been a struggle. I have some students who thrive in the environment and some students who find it hard to get into the right mind set in front of a computer in their pajamas. Since structure seems to be working well I still have "class" where students must log on at a specified time for attendance. Homework and case study questions are then unstructured but due by the next week. Since focus has been a problem I have advised some students to find a place in their house to be their "classroom." Get off the couch, get dressed, and go to their "classroom" to put them in a productive mood to work on homework or read their text book. One single mother would hide in her closet while her mother watched her child during class time. Without being in her closet she was having a hard time engaging.


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