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Comment on Samanthessa Jacob's post:

This module has delivered some amazing information to utilize in the classroom regarding so many of our students with multiple aspects of disabilities. I believe the most interesting thing I learned is the UDL, which approaches learning to all in a general format to deliver equal learning to all. Therefore, any student if disability or not has the chance to receive what is needed to help achieve their educational goal.


All the topics given in this lesson are very interesting . The most that stood out to me the most were the challenges and how to over come them. 1st is technology as many students have issues with up to date computers or laptops and issues with wifi. Also, cheating and plagarism. I like the methods that were suggested by using proctor tools like locking browsers  to prevent right clicks and search on google and having them timed and shuffling exams. 


Comment on Angela Frimpong's post:  I agree, there must sufficient information and relevant evidence to adequately deliver feedbaack. Many times it may need to be revisited and reassessed.

Comment on Giovanna Calabrese's post

This learning was sowessential for us as instructorts to help our students be successful with soft skills that are bound to appear in the work place. Adapting is very important as they will alway see change in both career and personal life. Also, problem solving is critical as they all will encounter some kind of problem that needs to be confronted and resolved. Additionally, although it will not be a perfect working envoronment, they must be motivated to stay the task. 

Comment on Giovanna Calabrese's post:  The information was common but reassuring  as to properly prepare students for the workforce. Its much needed to ensure students are employable.


Comment on Eleta Reed-Morgan's post:  Each student have their own differences and ways they learn so we as instructors need to understand it and assist with it. 

Comment on April Quinton's post: I have learned a new concept to cultural competency because many students need instructors to know and understnad their differences on many levels. By that, we as instructors can be more flexible in the learning envoronment.

Students should be taught the importance of proper computer literacy and the pitfalls to avoid. They should learn the basic method of navigating and processing  computer needs. They will need it for the real world experience.


Life long learning has changed so vastly in the past years that now classrooms on gorund are beconing distinct to say the least. Today, online  learning is the thing of the norm and its vital to our educational world we now live in. Therefore, as students engage in online learning they are plunged into a world of endless possibilities.


Teaching each student to be group oreinted is very importatnt as they will have to demonstrate team ship while on the job. 


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