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Instructor at Unniversal Technical Institute


feedback, whether from the instructor, or a peer group, is fundamental and necessary in a online course.


I believe that engaging students in productive feedback is essential, knowing that there's someone out there to hear their questions, help them through a course.


This module has shown me the importance of using my resources to engage students in a positive way, while delivering material,  the distant social environment strategies that i could use as a instructor to creatie a interactive exxperience for my students.


I see the value in consistency so a student knows from lesson to lesson the flow of the course materials, allowing them to concentrate on the content.

In an environment where learning directly transfers to a job related skill, having learning goals that are usable and relavent are necessary. Also, being able to sucessfully test the knowledge a student has gained, along with their ability to perform tasks related to the learning goals are an important part of the stratgey.

It seems to me that my younger students, say those in their early thirties or younger, have embraced technology to the point of not needing to retain information. Many of them see the internet as their bank of knowledge that they can refer to at any time to gather facts, and that facts equal knowledge. Having a keen ability to do an internet search, and quote things found therein, in my opinion, does not constitute "knowledge". While I believe technology is an excellent tool, it is only that, a tool, and like most tools, without the knowledge to know how… >>>

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