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Media Strategies & Instructional Systems Design (ISD) | Origin: EL101

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Designing and Developing Online Courses -->  Media Strategies & Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This course contained alot of material that was geared to undertanding (ISD)

Lots of good information understanding ISD

This four step process is helpful in answering, "Where do I start?" As I think many of us feel overwhelmed by how to break down a course and move it online. 


A well organized topical outline is essential in guiding students to know exactly what content will be covered as well as required assignments and examinations. 

Using different media strategies including animation, videos, and graphs will enrich the student's online teaching experience and enhance the achievement of learning outcomes. 

I liked the instructional design cycle - having had to toss a f2f class online suddenly midsemester due to Covid 19, now I am going to be setting up the next session purposefully online and can evaluate what was working in the first attempt and make changes. Helpful to know that it is normal for that to be a cycle of development. 

Putting a course together based on what is already created and what will need to be created.

Review of the ADDIE model of Instructional Design


It was helpful to learn about Instructional System Design (ISD).


The steps in the ISD can be compared to the steps in the nursing process. Instructors in Nursing may find this similarity helpful in managing ISDs in the online learning environment. 

The ISD offers online activites that gives students the opprotunity to master course material.  The ISD offers online learning and promotes acheivment and learning outcomes.

This helped me get a better understanding of where to start 

Learned what an ISD means.


I learned that there are 6 media learning strategies in an e-learning environment and they can influence engagement.


I learned about the Analysis, Design, Development and Evaluation steps involved in online learning. I also learned how each could be best implemented.

I took away the importance of trying designs out as if they were a prototype. The feedback loops are essential for improving the course layout and assembly. 


The model syllabus was helpful and the course deign plan model.

having an outline to strategies your course you are teaching for simplicity for the students and your self


In order to have a successful e-learning program, it relys heavily upon appropriate design, development methodology and completing all steps from design to implementation.  

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