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rene kagan

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Blogging may be an excellent form of communication and learning. Modules are a excellent way of organizing students materials and documents.

Student to student communication is encouraged however, the instructor needs to monitor the dialogue.

Synchronus and Asynchronous learning techniques must come with guidelines to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

Student outcomes are dependent on the appropriate learning delivery modality/techlology.

While revising a course, multiple resources should be utilized.

Consistant feedback that is positive, ongoing, provided in a variety of ways is crucial to keep students engaged and progressing.

Blogs and other web-based systems can increase student communication.

An organized online course is conducive to flow of the course and increasing knowledge retention within the student.

Managing student behaviors is crucial in order to facilitate learning for all students and an effective way to communicate with students for all matters is email, preferably the school's email,

The instrustructor plays a crucial role in creating the culture of the online environment, engages every student equitably and will need to provide consistent feedack since students want to knowhow they are progressing.

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