Solano Baron

Solano Baron

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I did not realized how much microblogging was being introduced to online classes. I think this will be very help for students. It  will help alot

with comunication between students and teachers.   It is also a great tool for students to contact other atudents and learn together. 

In this course I have learned about the advantages of using holistic assessments. I also learned about the value of different test, and how it affects different students.

I have learned more about what is needed for a student who is studying online, and the different measure that has to be taking. Also the teachers have to make sure all of their students are  getting the material that they need to be successful in the class.

This course has breaked down a wide variety of information, explaining the different parts of Dynamic Instructional Design.

This course contained alot of material that was geared to undertanding (ISD)

This lesson has thought me all the parts of Course Componets. I understand how everything works online.

The online course is set up properly for the student to navigate and find the information they are looking for.

I have learned a course has structural integrity to the extent that its content is segmented, and sequenced into coherent sections based on rational framework.

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