John Cabra

John Cabra

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There are various strategies for dealing with different types of students. Instructors need to mindful and responsive. In some cases, policies are useful when intervention is applied. 


There is a lot of thought that goes into preparing and initiating sessions. I see myself creating a checklist drawn from this course to help me prepare fir my courses. 


Instructors that take the time to learn more about their students are signalling care and online class environment. 


There is a long list of checks that an instructotr shoulfd review. It is a like a cockpit check. 


I realize the importance of taking a systems view in conducting an evaluation. 


A takewawy for me is how reflective elements can be added a row to the rubric with the question.


I learned of the importance of making a syllabus a dynamic document that involves links and interactivity. 


My biggest takeaway is maintaining consistency as a means to reduce confusion and frustratiion.


I took away the importance of trying designs out as if they were a prototype. The feedback loops are essential for improving the course layout and assembly. 


I was struck by the level of detail needed to explain assignments. It is much more than just stating what to do. It should include reason, value, etc. 


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