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Motivating Your Students | Origin: ED102

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Student Retention Methods --> Motivating Your Students

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From this module I learned that motivating your students is important to program success. Student depend on instructor enthusciasum. They learn through our interest & experience. Feedback rather good or bad can play a part in motivation., because as the instructor you can use positive feedback to help with right path continuates & negative but (positive) to guide the student to areas needing improvement.

The module has reflected the importance of movtivating the student to make them successful.  The important aspect is to have an open learning environment (so student can thrive in learning), do not intimate students, and have a transend the message of learning.  I have to concentrate on not making student be in a negative environment and must reboost my enthusiasum.

In this module, I've learned motivation and feedback.  I will motivate my adult leaner students in a positive approach and appreciate them when they have done a good work.  I want to hear a feedback from them make sure they understand the subject matter and the objective for the day.  

Motivation is important and it is easy to motivate when you are a caring and prepared instructor. 

It is important to keep good ways of motivating your students, keeping them engaged in the learning process.


Showing excitement and passion will help and motivate students to learn


Confidence is an important factor. Showing enthusiasm transfer to the student helping to get them excited about the course you are teaching.

The advantages of being enthused and excited, as an instructor, set the stage for students to get involved in their learning journey.


A great knows content, subject matter, and their student. Also having compassion is aways rewarding


Students respond to instructors' levels of enthusiasm and engagement with the subject. If students can't easily see that you care about what you're teaching, it's almost impossible to get them to care, especially in a required course that students typically hate.

I try to make sure that I motivate the students through giving positive reinforcements and ensuring that they are all understanding the information. 


A great teacher knows their students and transcends messages. Know your students and set expectations. Create an environment that allows students to take risks.

  Showing excitement twards the subject helps motivate students along with knowing them will make students more confortable allowing them to take risks.

I have learninged that motivation is required for the student and the instructor to ensure

that the course is providing all the learning and needs of the students. 


In this module, I learned that motivating the students and providing positive feedbacks help the students learn more since it is a more comfortable learning environment. 

In this module, I learned it is important to know your student and know your own why.

The importance of reinforcement and how to be a motivated instructor. 


Reply to Jacob Pope's post:


And being motivating is providing expertise, without being a know-it-all. lol

Definitely being an expert on the subject help, but so does showing the students we all make mistakes, also having empathy for them will help them to be more engaged in class also. Also showing clarity about something and putting it in terms or using there background to explain something help out tremendousl.

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