Laura Hogins

Laura Hogins

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using out of the box ideas for teaching can help students to remember specific things better. 


It is important to keep good ways of motivating your students, keeping them engaged in the learning process.


Often halfway through the course things change and students and teacher may experience some burnout.  There are several strategies for helping get through this 


Making sure you create an environment where students are engaged in their learning is essential for all ages of students.  


It is an imprtant part of teaching to be aware of how the student is doing in different parts of life.  Any aspects that can be assisted to help the student suceed in their education.  All the time not allowing an individual students problems to affect the reest of the class learning. 


It is important to keep safety as part of the everyday running of the lab. 


I feel that evaluating students in clinical areas might be a challengoing for me.  The rubric is definitely a great tool to help with defining expectation/grading of clinical learnin. 


There are certain know difficulties with the lab environment that a teacher can try to avoid.  


It is important to use the three area of blooms taxonomy into competency based education to ensure that students are develop as a whole. 


Making sure you develop good lesson plans that incorporate different learning styles in short 10-15 min increments is essential. 


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