Dena Brown

Dena Brown

Location: charlotte, nc

About me

I'm an adjunct English/Humanities Instructor at ECPI University Charlotte. 


All of this. 

I'm empathetic, almost to a flaw, and I think it's why my students trust me and give me the opportunity to help them find their motivation.

Professionalism is no one being able to tell the differernce between you having a good day and you having a bad day.

The generations can learn valuable skills from each other.

Technology got us through last year. While it's frustrating for older generations, it isn't going away, andpart of our job is to help all students become more comfortable with technology in education.

Students from different generations can help each other to be more successful learners: generations X, Y, and Z can help Boomers and Greatest Generation learners with technology, and Boomers and GG learners can help the younger ones with dense reading assignments and lecture notes.

Having multiple generations in the classroom helps to emphasize the importance of clear, professional communication.

Extra credit,not instead credit.

In addition to not exceeding regular gredit, extra credit should truly be extra credit, not "instead credit." I don't alloow students to do extra credit work without completing the regular assigned work first.

Redirection when students get distracted or off-task is the most effective way to get them back on task and also acknowledges their dissatisfaction with the previous approach.

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