Thelma Hernandez

Thelma Hernandez

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In this module, I've learned that instructor should work harder by demonstrating different learning styles of the students, lecture format, and demonstrating techinical subject.  The success of the students in the class is the reflection of the instructor integrity and discipline.   

In this module, I've learned the positive first impression on the first day of the class, arrive early and greet the students with a smile while entering your class.     

In this module, instructor should set the goals beginning of the class for the students, so the students and the instructor will able to acheive the objectives towards the end of the class.       

As a leader, lead your student on the right direction, be a good listener, and communicator.  

In this module, I've learned motivation and feedback.  I will motivate my adult leaner students in a positive approach and appreciate them when they have done a good work.  I want to hear a feedback from them make sure they understand the subject matter and the objective for the day.  

In this module, I like the idea about REFOCUS which helps an instructor to be creative, self-motivation, and provide personal experiences to make the class more interesting.  

I like the ideas of human factor and meaning thoughts about the importance of student's self-respect for themselves. 

I've learned the importance of adult learner and instructor should learn how to listen to the needs of the adult learner. 

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