Megan Turney

Megan Turney

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Over prepare for class, if you make mistakes- do not dwell on the mistake, learn from it and move on.

Make sure to include all students in discussions and activities.  Usually inattentive students are lacking the knowledge, help these students through this.  Lots of good information.

It is important to be organized with student records because students can request to view these.  Also FERPA is a law that protects the students privacy, always be cautious when sharing student information.  

It is important to educate faculty and students that VAWA crimes include domestic violence and dating violence.

I have become more knowledgeable what the roles and responsibilities of a title IX coordinator.  This information was extremely helpful.


In this module, I learned it is important to know your student and know your own why.

I liked the surprise instructional techniques discussed in this module.  


Learn your students & evaluate your own why.


Model, Manage, Motivate.. self reflect.


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