Soijett Blue

Soijett Blue

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I try to make sure that I motivate the students through giving positive reinforcements and ensuring that they are all understanding the information. 


I make sure that I incorporate real life up to date issues with my students to keep them engaged. 


I make sure that the students are aware that they can contact me via email or on Canvas for any issues that they may have and I make sure to respond quickly. My students know that I am big on communication and that it can help with misunderstandings. 


I think it is great to discuss with the students what they would like to get out of course as far as goals. Also, understanding that the course may be diverse, but that shouldn't change the learning process for anyone! 


Making sure to come to class prepared can help reduce anxiety. As well as making it a habit to learn your students names. It helps to show the students that you care about them.


To allow frustrated students the moment to just vent to you their frustration prior to getting your point across. It could all just be a misunderstanding. 


This module helps to understand how to deal the diverse classroom that we would have, which is great! 


From this course, I have learned that it is good to have lots of communication within the course. This is so that the students are aware of the expectations and also aware that they can come to you with any issues that they may have. Also, I will incorporate more teambuilding exercises into my own courses to help boost morale with my students. 


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