Tammy Hardimon

Tammy Hardimon

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I have learned that using e-learnining structure will allow the success of course material to be delivered to students in a timely manner and assist with students with effective communication.

I have learninged that motivation is required for the student and the instructor to ensure

that the course is providing all the learning and needs of the students. 


To make sure that student expectations are met as well as the instructor expectations. In addtion to providing the 

neccessary material fro the enchancement of the students course learning skills. 


I will ensure to create a dynamic learning environment for all students making 
sure they are learning what is in the standard based curriculum. 


I believe t hat understanding the student characteristics enables them to learn from their experiences in class and out of class

This will also ensure that the instructor is well rounded for the delivery of the lecture for the students to learn.


Meeting the class for the first time, the instructor should give some background information on themselves and the expectations of the course. 

Planning and preparation is very important for classroom management and instruction. In this way, students feel 

comfortable with learning and are abreat of what the course materials consist of for the course. 

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