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gained a few new ideas on how to improve on getting the students who are not always talkative and participating. 

this is similary to the sales process in hvac, long term report build in minutes 

Be creative in keeping the students attention....encourage to participate and be observant of the mood in the learning setting

this module set out some examples of how to retain the student's attention to keep them involved in the class, you're teaching in many different ways I learned that you could go about teaching the students by implementing some of your life lessons into the class that you're teaching.

If you are not passionate about your students and willing to go the extra mile to insure they are learning fully, how will they trust you and feel insured that you are the best for them to learn and continue to invest time and funds to the class?

This is the first I heard of REFOCUS tool. Variety keeps students engaged.

I loved the emphasis on nonverbal cues and engaging all students to participate in the learning.  I hadn't heard of REFOCUS before.

I learned that by me telling stories about my experiences it could be used to fulfill a definite instructional purpose. 

Telling a story is a great teaching strategy.

Learnativity is a word that has been created to reflect the combination of the instructional situation and the learner.

I like this instructed.

Staying excited and enthusiastic about the course motivates the students and avoids a mid-course slump.

Develop a rapport with your students by working to create trust and mutual respect with each other.

This section was great at helping you understand students better

This module has a lot of good information.


Staying motivated as an instructor will translate into keeping your students motivated. 

Reconnecting students with their commitment to the course or to learning is best done by having them self evaluate about mid-way through.

I agree there is lots of knowledge here on how to deal with different students and when to not get involved.

learn new and better ways to engage 

Storytelling is KEY

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