Jenny ONeal

Jenny ONeal

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Everything in moderation.  I don't want to get burned out, so I try to have a good balance of work and family life.  We do a lot of things together - especially physically active activities, so we always try to get fresh air and physical activity.

I think story telling is great.  It helps with retaining the material and encourages the engagement of the students through asking questions.

Storytelling can be very beneficial, but make sure to include everyone, have the story appropriate to the topic and don't offend others.

We use storytelling in my classroom all the time.  It helps the students relate the material we're covering to everyday life events.

I think story telling from the class and instructor is beneficial.  It helps students relate to real life scenarios.

I learned effective ways of politely correcting the adult learners.

I think I already use the "guide" style.  It's the perfect teaching strategy with adults. I can still teach them, guide them along the way and maintain a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in my classroom.  

I'm already a huge advocate for minimal stress.  Of course life has deadlines, but we can still make it fun while accomplishing the tasks we're required to get done in the process.

Staying organized helps with a less stressful life in general. 

Continue to keep my classroom stress-free.  Staying organized and consistent helps me and my students enjoy a more relaxed classroom experience.

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