Matt Ostberg

Matt Ostberg

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A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved. - Charles Kettering

Demonstrating an understanding of multiple intelligences builds rapport with students, and encourages engagement as they learn critical thinking.

The reframing of discipline as a process of development for critical thinkers to encourage the investment of time and effort.

Critical thinking facilitates new learning and participation in society in a mature and helpful way.

Teaching critical thinking skills makes more productive and independent learners.

One of my previous public speaking mentor gave me the advice "Know your audience". This is why: So you can relate to them and make the message meaningful and relatable, which leads to recall and integration. This is a great application of the principle. Good resonant lesson.

I have learned the importance of variety and surprise in keeping students engaged and reaching all learning styles. I will be evaluating my lessons to incorporate these ideas in my lesson plans.

I have learned that injecting some humanity into the learning experience by being fair and engaging, as well as a bit of humor and encouragement will get and keep students involved and improve success.


"A Mathematician and a statistician meet a genie on the road..."

I have learned the importance of viewing the learning experience through the student/learner's perspective prior to

the activity, to be able to help them be successful in completing it, as well as anticipating any difficulties they may have with it.

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