Liliana Bovaird

Liliana Bovaird

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Active learning strategies should be implemented. Get your students involved in making decisions and avoid immediately giving them your solutions. Ask questions leading them to think on their own and celebrate with them when their choices work out and hold them accountable when they make mistakes providing a constructive feedback. 

I love the icebreaker activity where the students have to communicate and collaborate. They students are asked to talk about their professional interests, goals for the course, or personal interests. 

I have learned about the different types of tests of a course and how this helps us as instructors to know the strengths and weaknesses of the learners so we can modify the learning activities. 



This course was a great refresher about evaluation tools and Bloom's Taxonomy 



I have learned on how and why using questioning as a tool to test student knowledge and enhance their participation during lecture. 


Every learner is different and unique with preferences, behaviors, interests, and attitudes. 

How to encourage students to set clearly defined goals, expectations, and rules. Also, how to develop meaningful and respectful relationships with students so they can set achievable goals. 

The importance of building rapport with the students, and how to create a trustful relationship to keep them motivated, and engaged. 

I like the ideas of human factor, motivation, acknowledge their feelings and developing rapport with the students so they can be engaged in the learning process. 

The course was very informative and helpful! It is a good reminder to keep in mind that we are training individuals to be successful in their careers, so we need to focus on their unique learning needs. Everyone needs a support system to help them through life. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the students different needs and the kinds of support we can provide as an instructor. 

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