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Remember to rejuvenate yourself.

Importance of the staying engage throughout lectures and getting the students to stay engaged. by use of diversity of teaching approach.

"Common sense" is the key ingredient for teaching success, the concept of "learnactivity", and REFOCUS acronym. 

Maintaining constant feedback from the students about how they learn the best not only  helps to build rapport but keeps them engaged as well.  

Adding real world examples to a classroom setting brings conversations from all individuals in the class and how they would handle an emergency situation. 

I've learned that it is important to recognize your achievements as well as your student's achievements to keep everyone motivated.

This module showed the importance of having good rapport with students and showed new ways of engagement in the classroom like simulating a crisis 

In Part three, Learnativity stands out.  I want to create more fun in my classroom and need to figure out how I can do that.  Also, I want to create real world simulations, so I can help my students walk through normal life on the job in the career they are training for.

Making the class fun trust me it will keep them engaged.

Creating a crisis scenario and having discussions about it can help students understand where they are in understanding content, give time to express what went well/not well, and allow for new questions/discussion on topic matters.

I have learned to switch up my class presentations to keep students interested and engaged. 

Keep fresh ideas of hands on activities for students. Sometimes equate silly things with material content. Sometimes the sillier the better. Even though students dont say things they always pay attention. So ask them what their opinion is on a certain topic and allow them to go with it. 

Enthusiasm for the subject can keep students engaged even when the subject matter is difficult.

Building rapport with students is essential

I learned about the REFOCUS tool and the importance of a mid-term survey. I plan to use both in the future.

I learned skills to reach the students who have a harder time participating 

to establish rapport with the students, trust and respect with one another is very important

Stay motivated and engage your students

Use stories and experiences to make what students are learning relatable. This is will better help with information retention by being able to see how what they are learning translates in the real world.

I learned that learning different ways to have students engage in the lesson plan is important. Variety is important so students don't feel so stagnant or burnt out.

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