Delivering Course Content | Origin: ED101

It is important to incorporate different methods of instruction. 

Using different delivery methods and teaching styles to ensure the learning of all students. 


Preparation is key!


In all interactions with students, you should work to bridge the gap between instructor and student to gain rapport. It is important to prepare teaching pior to classes to deliver the best possible teaching experience to the students. The teacher must use different learning styles to appeal to students. The teacher must establish and maintain control of the classroom at all times. 


Practice, practice, and practice! 

People have different learning styles. By varying my delivery methods, I can focus on the different learning styles of my students. 

I learned about the 3 ways people learn


Learned various delivery options and the importance of variety to keep students engaged, while keeping in mind attention spans of 10-15 mins and ability to handle 5-7 steps in a demo.


Understanding the different learning styles and ways, will help identify how your students will learn your course. 


It's important to teach to different learning styles

The part about attention span for lecture being 15 to i8 minutes was extremely valuable. I will plan to have some activities about every 20 minutes to keep the attention span optimized.


When delivering course content, be sure to vary your methods and style to accommodate students with different learning types.  Additionally, adhere closely to organizational policies as well to ensure the content you deliver is acceptable and in keeping with industry-wide standards.


Be creative. Remember that every student learns differently. Combine styles to help engagment of students.


Important to keep attention and remember attention spans are less than 20 min!


Go in prepared! write it out in an outline. 


I like the suggestion for varying delivery of the lecture materials.


I think the best way to deliver course content is to do different teaching platforms like video showing, Quizlets, and games to keep the students engaged and make the learning process lively and not boring.

keep in mind attention spans and use differnet methods to convey a message

When instructing it is important to alter your methods of teachiing to meet the needs of every learning style of your student audience.


to have an effective lesson planning and to improve my strategies in creating a good lecture


I think this reminds us that with all the knowledge in the world, everyone intakes it and delivers it differently. Everything starts with a game plan that has to be flexible to accomodate our students learning styles. We as teachers have to figure out how to delilver the information in the best possible way. Delivery is key. If the information cannot be delivered so the student can undersand, then we have not succeeeded in teaching that student.