Delivering Course Content | Origin: ED101

Seth Soronnadi

This is important "Your students are taking your course to gain a set of competencies that will enable them to enter into and succeed in their chosen career area. You, as their instructor, must work hard to select the most viable method of delivering this information to them." 


Change up lecture deliveries.


Varying your teaching style and breaking your teaching up into 10-15 minute sessions, and push your students to try and stretch themselves in addition to learn about the content you are teaching. 


Student attention is maxed out at about 15 minutes. Using mini-lectures mixed with other activities helps keep students engaged.

1. Content 2. Question assumptions, 3 And learing about oneself 


Adult professional education is perhaps distinguished in part by the goal of increased competencies, not just expanded knowledge. Application has to be considered in order to consider the learning successful. 

Make sure that when doing a demo to only do 5-7 steps at a time. Do demo before you actually do it for the students to make sure everything is in order for them, and it goes smoothly. Make sure everyone can see the demo so no one will feel left out, and not pay attention. Make notes after the training to see where you need to make improvements, or detail to not forget for next time. 


We all learn differently. Therefore, it is necessary to vary how you present lessons. A mixture of methods will help to ensure student connect with what is being presented.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of learning and teaching styles.

Practice demonstrations before class, this will ensure it will work and facilitate continuity among other courses. 

My lectures are longer. I now see ways to shorten the lecture

and allow for more labs on the lecture topic

Using a variety of teaching techniques are important. Being cognizant of the students' attention spans are imperative to remember. 


I need to include interactive lectures more so that brainstorming with the students will improve outcomes. 


I learned there are many more ways to deliver content. i intend to implement several of those ways in the classroom.

I liked learning about the three ways that people learn.  I will have students submit their assumptions about the topic prior to reading it so that we as a class can discuss them once the students have read the chapter.


I like the importance of varying teaching styles for various learning styles. This provides some variety, makes it more engaging, and helps different types of learners.

Varying your delivery to address as many learning styles as possible can engage students and assist them with learning the material. 

People olny absorb so much information and have short attention spans.  Therefor varying a teaching style to shift a students brain to constantly refocus is good.  

Observe yourself teaching...sometimes we dont convay what we mean to though body language or instructional language for we are only human.

Planning is essential to having a good session. Varying lecture and delivery types help to be sure each student is engaged and subsequently learning and or increasing their knowledge. If a student sees that a lesson is well planned out, they will be excited about the process and look forward to the next session.


I will spend more time working through the methods of using different learning style, lecture and delivery types.