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To teach all types Of learning styles. In corporate learning with field trips and quest speakers.


Because people learn by trial and error, observation or by doing, content is best presented using several types of lectures. Expository lectures can present foundational facts and concepts, but may bore and disengage students. Interactive lectures allow them to brainstorm as you help to organize their thoughts. Problem-solving and case study lectures work well for advanced students to access higher levels of learning, and all lecture types may be combined. Demonstrations can be very effective and should be well planned and praticed. Have a back-up plan in case the demonstration does not go well, and have students do a hands-on activity directly after to help them apply what they have learned. I will keep these lecture types in mind to ensure my lessons go beyond expository lecture and address the learning styles of all students in my class.

10-15 min increments is essential in education

  1. The attention span of most individuals is in the 15-18 minute range.
  2. We generally only remember about 25% of what we hear.
  3. We normally only retain 40% of what we read.
  4. We can listen 4 times faster than we can speak.

Lecture format is key to a successful delivery and can be delivered in various ways such as expository, interactive, problem-solving, case studies, or a combination. Practice, practice, practice can better prepare the instructor for a successful delivery.

Have a variety of teaching delivery options to keep students egnaged

This course was more of a refresher to me for what I am currently doing in the class room.

  1. The attention span of most individuals is in the 15-18 minute range.
  2. We generally only remember about 25% of what we hear.
  3. We normally only retain 40% of what we read.
  4. We can listen 4 times faster than we can speak.

My biggest takeaway is varying the delivery method of information. Not everyone takes in information the same way, some might find it easy to follow along with traditional lecture while that might sap others of motivation. So wether it's varied lecturing styles or demonstrations, switching up the styles will help everyone in the long run.

Focussing on positive feedback when walking through as students work by themselves after a demonstration, rather than focussing mainly on correcting errors or making improvements.


I got a simple method for how to create a lesson plan. Also got how to apply the concept of the 15-18 min attentino span- set up lecture in 15 min segments and allow time for questions. Brilliant


Utilizing multiple teaching methods and breaking up monotoy supports learning.

It is essential to understand and apply multiple teaching methods during periods of instructions in order to ensure that all of the students have the best opportunity to learn.

Determining delivery method for a specific class is part of planning.  If the goal is to maximize learning, then selecting the most effective method based on the variables involved is key.   

Teaching can come in many styles, people learn in different styles and  knowing how to demonstrate with the right stuff can help you become  great at educating those that are looking to learn 


Take care in preparing for each class session to allow for different methods of presenting information.

I am so pleased to learn that we are implementing many of these options when instructing students on resume building.  Great session!!

Use a variety of methods.  Keep in mind students can follow 5-7 steps at a time.  You may also consider doing 10-15 minute mini lectures to keep students engaged.


Making sure lectures are kept to certain times in order to have maximum attention span and keeping instructions to 5-7 steps for increased retention. 


Teaching to reach the entire audience is necessary.