Delivering Course Content | Origin: ED101

Each time I teach a course of instruction, I take a look at the age, ranks and experience of my students. From that, I can start to figure out what level of knowledge they need on the subjust I will teach and what type of methodologies I will use. Knowing the student population always helps because after all, the classes we design and teach are specifically for them and their requirements.

There is very little conclusive research to actually suggest adults have one main learning style. However, the ideas in this section still do have good methods, and changing up approaches (lecture, recall based activities, etc) is good. 

Many ideas concluded from this section, Generally, be in the look for new ways and methods to deliver the material will help keep the Class interesting 

After reviewing the content I learned that you have to utilize different mehtods of teaching.  Try to approach a mixed presentation style because each perons learns differently and we don't want to use just one style because you will not be able to reach each student individually. It's best practice to display more than one teach style.


Apply different teaching styles based on the type of class and students


Beginning the lecture with something that will grab the students' attention. Having been a nurse for 27 years and serving on the Critical Response Team, I have a lot of stories. I will use my stories that are pertinent to the subject matter as an opening. If I don't have a story, I'll do some research to find an obscure fact.


Use all learning methods when teaching to ensure that all students can learn

varied learning styles are important to identify

Delivery of material has many factors of influence. Incorporating all delivery methods will help engage the students. Providing 15 minute mini lectures will ensure students are learning. 

Vary your style depending on the students. Each may learn differently 


Preparation is always key in instructional techniques. One must always select the most appropriate method to deliver the instructional materials to a class. If one method doesn't work well, the instructor must feel free to change the methodology and techniques. 

Instructor should always practise the demonstration first to make sure the procedures are streemline and clear. 

Creating a "safe space" for students to work through and test ideas and solutions, and looking at myself as a consultant while they work through those problems.

I learned that teaching is an interactive process; get to learn the students, circulate the classroom, and ensure that you build rapport with your students. 

Having a well defined Lesson Plan is not only important to you as the Instructor, but also helps other Instructors who may be tasked with filling in for you to be effectively able to pick up where you left off and seemlessly continue the course.


Research shows that the concept of "Sage on the stage" is no longer viable.  A professor standing behind a podium and giving a 2-hour lecture is not at all effective in student engagement and student learning.  This module has a very good summary of all the various learning styles of students so a good instructor should deliver the content in a multitude of ways.

As an instructor you want to take into account your students different learning styles and apply that to the delivery of lectures as well as course materials in order to have the highest possible success with your students. By varying the way you deliver the course material your students will respond postively and will help keep them from getting complacent during class. 

Try to teach using several teaching methods. 


I will be mindful to break down the steps to demonstration


I learned the importance of appealing to each learning style and implementing various different delivery methods while teaching to ensure that my students do their best. 

On demonstrations, before class select site for demo where all students can see. In addition, always have a fall back plan.