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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Here's a great resource . . .

Here's a great resource for you to assess your student's learning styles.  Enjoy!

Customer Service.

Its true , i will not return to a store with poor customer service. I believe the customer have a right to choose the business that goes above and beyond to make the visit special and comfortable. A smile, a welcome are simple effective ways to start.


What is the retention formula? What about the student who is boderline asnd will probably do a poor job in the workplace? What is the job he is preparing for involves the morbidity and mortality of persons?


Effective Admissions teams are great partners in the retention process.

what does going above and beyond regular customer service mean?

Providing outstanding customer service, successful business focus on building customer service loyalty above all else. Understanding the customer needs and exploring the new trends those potential customers are seeking for. Since most customers shop over the internet it is important that once they meet with a representative in person they are provided with as much information regarding good value.



Does anyone have a solution for starting a carpool among students?  How are liability issues addressed? What are the retention success rates with that type of program in place?

If your school has a carpool program how was it started?  Who monitors it?  I would really appreciate any type of information and feed back about this program.  


Thank you


I find that if I group my new students with some existing students and I assign group work, I have found a higher retention rate among both the new students and the existing students.  I am creating an immediate need for the new students.  They are part of the team and they want to succeed and they want their group to succeed.  Part of the group work requirement is insure that all team mates are present to get full credit on the assignment.  The team leaders  meet with their group and keep me informed of the group participation and alert… >>>

Open Discussion

Being a new instructor for theory and simulation has brought much joy, excitement and contentment all bundled together; to share many years of experience with students is beyond words. It has also brought challenges that I could use some input to help resolve.  When asked students what part of their clinical experience/s was most helpful to obtaining knowledge beyond the classroom, the response I received from two (2) students was that they would pass on discussion, meaning they did not want to discuss their clinical experiences or what part of those experiences touched them personally in building upon their new-learning practice?  When I… >>>

Customer Service: Whole student concept

Customer Service is more than listening to and answering questions.  You need to be observant of changes in the student while your communicating: face-to-face, telephone, email or text.  Initiate the conversation when you see them walking down the hall looking tired or like they slept in their clothing.  If they're venting close to you - take them aside and ask what's wrong.  Watch for their cry for help.  Reach out if they're absent.  Ask their peers if they've heard from them lately.  If they confide in you, ask if you can try to get them help.  Pride is difficult obsticle for most students.  No… >>>

thank you

thank you

ever felt like not being at your best when attending a "client?

customer service


With a a large rural area it is sometimes a bigger challenge to retain students


What are your engagement strategies?

I am welcome to any and all suggestions! 

Waht are your retention/engagement strategies

We try to make contact with every student every day. Campus activities and converastions

Fantastic Course

Leaning the different methods of student retention was informative and interesting!

Great Training

Very good CEE. I would strongly recommend it to all faculty and staff!

Hard to decide

Many times I find it hard to engage a student when their desire is with another career focus and this was option 2 and not the primary focus. Therefore, retention has seemed to be a problem no matter  how hard you try to keep them.

People who hate math

I have trouble convincing people who hate math to engage and believe in themselves.  They eventually stop coming to class and fail.  What should I do to build confidence

Student retention

At what point do you make a decision that at the career college level a student is not in the right field even though they can pass the class?

late starts

Student that start late have to be treated very gentle. I have learned that when they start late it increases their chance of dropping since they feel left behind. It is important for all staff to assist the student in this matter to ensure the students overall success.