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I am a dental assisting Instructor.  I worked in a dental office for over 20 years, I decided to try something different.  I have been an Instructor for 5 years and I really like it alot.  I would like to learn more about being an effective educator and learn how to teach my students soft skills.  The area were I teach seems to have a cocentration of students that need a professonal role model and to be taught professional skills, and how to communicate professionally.


developing my teaching skills, enhancing student retention, leadership skills


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I plan to raise my emotional intelligence or EQ.  This was a very effective and useful course.  I wish I would have had this advice and knowledge sooner in my teaching career so I coulkd have been practicing the methods and tips.  I will be putting all the tips in use starting tomorrow in class.  I will sharpen all my skills and be an excellent example for my students.  I will begin practicing the emotion managing and begin generating positive emotions from negative ones.  I think that will be my biggest challenge going forward.  I will be asking foir more… >>>

Hi Leslie,

I am right there with you.  I have had difficulity in the past with my soft skills and work place behaviors, and I wish I would have had this course sooner in my teaching career, I think I would have handled certian situations much more effectivly.  I think my biggest challenge will be generating positive emotions from negative ones. Good luck on your pursuit to a higher EQ.


Hi Denise,

I encounter the same student behaviors and lack of soft skills as they enter the program.  My goal is to model the soft skills and work behaviors necessary to get and maintain a job in the field.  I find that I have greatly improved my soft skills and work place behaviors because I have to really focus and follow all the "rules" of soft skills and work place behaviors so I can be a great role model.  There are some days when I have a "teaching moment" when my soft skills or work place behaviors are less than… >>>

What are some easy to incorporate healthy coping mechanisms that can be added into a split shift schedule?  My schedule is 8 am-12 pm, 3 pm-5 pm, 6 pm-8 pm.  I usually end up working the full 12 hours if I do not stop myself for a food break.  I am used to working in an office with a perfectly defined schedule of get to work in the morning and get ready for patients, go to lunch and then go home after the last patient.  Now that I am a full-time instructor, I am having a hard time defining when… >>>

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I agree with what you said about emotions being contagious, and I think we can pass our stress on to our students if we are not aware of it.  Taking regular breaks and making sure I am well fed, had enough sleep, and I took some extra time to plan out my schedule and make sure I schedule in regular exercise, I notice I have a significant amount more energey and patients to interact with the students and give them 100% of my attention and not a stressed out, mess of an Instructor.  I can set a better example for… >>>

How can Instructors help a special needs student, or a student that might have a learning disability?  Is there any extra training that could help instructors help theses types of students?

What do instructors do when they have a special needs student in their class that is not understanding the lectures or who has a difficult time reading and understanding the text book, and writing and answering homeweork exercises?

The school standards render every student teachable and every student should be taught the skills and knowledge to be able to fuction and thrive in the careerfield.  How do Instructors structure… >>>

Reply to Brian Yee's post:

I use both also, and I try to throw in some audio and hands-on things in the lecture too.  I pull up some you-tube demonstraions and I have props or models to put in the students hands too.  I find that the students stay more engaged and my retention stays high, and my stress level goes down. 

Reply to Felicia Burns's post:Hi Felicia,

That is a great idea! I am going to try that in my next lecture.. I get one or two students a module that just look and act so totally board and unintrested in whatever i am lectureing about.. That sounds like it will draw them back into the lesson.

Thanks for the great tip!! :)



I am having a really hard time this module with students just not wanting to complete the entire assignment!  They either skip questions or omit a whole section.  I have tried going over the questions on the homework in a class discussion, I have tried making the sections most students omit, worth triple the points to entice them to complete the whole section.  I am getting a whole lot of students with near failing grades.  I would think that having a low score would inspire them to inquire about such a low score, or ask me to help them, but… >>>

I think one of the most important factors for retaining students through graduation and getting hired is to demonstrate care of student success.  Instill in the students that the Instructor is there to help them find the path to success, not by doing it for them, but helping them navigate the path of life to success. I will give the students examples of coping strategies, and ideas of how to problem solve situations to help them find solutions and help show by example how to communicate professionally and effectively.  

An outstanding Instructor demonstrates, opens the door, turns on the… >>>

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