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I agree in that it is best to reach all new students as soon as possible and address any questions they may have. I find it effective to also seek out potential "issues" the students might have which would prevent them from succeeding in the program. I recently had a student absent for 2 days and found out it was due to transportation. To the student, the world was ending. On my end, i referred the student to Student Affairs and they were able to obtain a bus pass. Easy fix and the student was retained.

I agree as well.  A student may need to have weekly follow up in order to keep them focused on starting their education.  It also tells them that you do care about their success in their education. 

I agree that students need follow up. At my place of employment we call the student if he or she is not in school. The student is very appreciative and sometimes surprised to hear from a school representative. This practice assures the student that we are concerned with his or her success.

Getting to know our students is important. If we know who they are, what motivates them, what concerns them and what their goals are we can help them reach their educational goals. Also, it is so important to be in contact and create rapport. This will create a positive atmosphere; an atmosphere where they are comfortable and confident that they can achieve what they set their minds to. 

Getting to know our students is very important. We are a small college and our Admissions director does a good job placing student in the programs that they will succeed in. My instructors make an effort to know what is happening with the students. When they see a student struggling academically, they encourage the student to seek tutoring. I have had some instructors even bring the student to me so the student is introduced and the problem can be addressed. Our instructors take a personal interest in the students and when a student is absent call the student to see if everything is okay,

Our Admissions director is good about setting up car pooling. I would like to see more mentoring take place but our program is only six months long. The student buddy system is encouraged. When students use this tool success usually follows. We do have students who really want this program but either can't grasp the technical concepts or the theory concepts. When this occurs we have to take the loss and let the student go.

I teach at a Career College and we have established a Rideshare system in which we give monthly gas cards to designated students who can transport our students to and from school if they live in the same area. We have an Evening program and so students can catch the Bus to school because it is still light outside. However in the night, they are not able to catch the bus with a 10:30 p.m. class dismissal. So the Rideshare program has saved a lot of students from dropping out. It's definitely a Win Win situation!

As Student Support personal I have the opportunity to connect with each student one on one and it helps me to assist them if they need guidence


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