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Best practice for student retention

One best practice that I find effective is calling my new students before the class starts and welcoming them to the program as well as answering any of their last minute questions.  The new students really respond to it and also helps to ease any of their anxiety regarding the first day of class.

I love this idea especially for the online learner.  They are welcomed by someone.

Great idea for retention. This could help ease brand new or returning students (out of school for few terms or coming back to school after being in the workforce for a bit). I think we've all had first day jitters and it's nice to have someone make you feel welcome and establish a relationship with someone you can return to when you have questions later.

In this session I really think the idea that comes from almost every student WIIFM( whats in it for me) is so important to remember from the students perspective. Many times since we are dealing with 2nd career students they desire the "nuts and bolts" of their education. I try to keep it real so the students can keep their focus on why they entered school.

I agree this can be very effective. We used to do this after their 1st week to get a "temperture" gauge but I think calling between new student orientation and 1st class could a lot more about the personal connection.


I learned how to connect student afectivly. As much as the orientation is importent making students feel comfortable enough to share their stress and to make them feel welcomed.  

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