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What is the retention formula? What about the student who is boderline asnd will probably do a poor job in the workplace? What is the job he is preparing for involves the morbidity and mortality of persons?

There is no set formula that fits all students.  We need to find out the reasons behind the student's inability to progress.  We need to do everything we can to get the student back on track and we need to give the student every opportunity to learn how to perform at the standards we set for our student.  In the end, even when the student decides it is not for him/her at that time, we know we have done everything we can to assist them to successful completion and we will continue to do so if the student decides to return. 

I have observed through the years that students whose parents have pushed them into this decision and haven't decided this on their own do poorly in school. I work for a vocational college and too many parents feel that their child needs some kind of education. At lot parents encourage their child to attend a vocational college but don't allow the student to have input in this decision. The student has to be committed to be succesful. The program is hard enough with the committment.

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