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I learned that you have to build the bond at the start.  Let the students know that you are there for them.  I plan on doing many of the activities presented in the module.  

What I have learned is each department has a role in retention. We have to demonstrate to our students that there is value in what they are doing. We need to be ready to listen to our students and be prepared to help them with their problems. We need to show caring. 

Help the students feel comfortable by having them meet with current students (peers) to help ease with the transition

I like the idea of providing seminars. I think it would be an interesting way to engage outlying students.

It is not your responsibility to solve the students problem, but rather guide them to find their own solutions. I think this helps the student build grit and problem solving skills.

We will work to help students identify their mindset and how they are dealing with the pressures of school, work, and life. Our instructors are frontline responders and who the students respect.

Retention can be impacted by all members of the campus. Look for areas and courses with high drop rates. at times there are instructors or courses that students become fearful of. make meaningful adjustments. 

One of the main things that I learned in this module was that we must have an organizational culture that does not include negativity and is driven by positive and uplifting thoughts about our students and their abilities to succeed, as well as the long term goals of the organization. We must all come together, in all departments, with the same vision and shared goals - quality, excellence, and success. As mentioned in a previous module, "the self-efficacy theory suggests that we can change our beliefs about our ability to cause things to happen". With this in mind, we can… >>>

One of the biggest takeaways from this lesson was the concept of helping students succeed inspite of what is going on with them in their personal life. Considering the fact that students come to us with limiting beliefs about their abilities to do well in school as well as other stressors and personal problems that we may be unaware of, we must learn to understand them on a deeper level and create connections that with help to feel comfortable, believe in themselves, and thrive in their studies. One of the suggestions is to help students to build confidence by letting… >>>

I have learned that having an EduPreneurial Spirit means I believe I am part educator and part entrepreneur at the same time. Therefore we all work together for the organization but also for the student at the same time. Not only do we want our students to succeed and earn their degree but over time our business will continue to prosper in ways that go beyond the basics of our individual role. If a student feels they are mentored and cared for they are more likely to graduate. This will increase graduation rates for the business and ensure that the… >>>

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