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Do you think it sends a postive message to the students for allowing a student back to school after a physical fight with another student?

If students know that student who started fight has been reprimanded, it actually sets an example of behavior for other students.

This is a tough question. My first response is no, any kind of physical alercation should be immediate termination. However we all make mistakes and when we are experiecing high stress levels we often may do and react to things in ways we would not normally do. And again I believe as professionals we should be able to resolve differnces without physical alercation. In the case of one of my students i would need to take into account that maybe they have any only one way of coping with issues such as becoming phyiscal and this may be their only opportunity to learn new coping skills. To answer the question  yes I could see some postive benefits for allowing a student to return but it would have to be done on a case by case situation.

No one is perfect, We all have our fults. Stress makes us all do things we would not usealy do. with that said No fighting is exceptable, and should have some kind of recourse. Time away, grade drop, or some other action is needed. Complete termination is not what I think would be an answer.  Comunication is the key, find out what is bringing on the stress and see if you can incourage them to find an answer to the stress.

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