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Talking to students about realistic expectations

Several students tiold me I'm "hard but eay". I push the envelope, I state my expectations from the first class. 

When students "don't get concepts" from quiz or homework, I invite discussion/feedback from students. What are they doing or not doing? Why are they not understanding key concepts I lecture (PWR PT). Feedback provides students opportunity to see what I can do to improve their focus on class material presented.


HARD: I make them adhere to school policies, wearing the uniform (scrubs), being on time, taking responsibility.


EASY Even though sometime difficult concepts, I break it down in steps. It make it fun (laughter with learning. I trweat them with respect.


I allow myself and students to ask with my answers/responses to them via email after class and I always respond to their questions, try to give tips of improving their comprehension of subject matter.

Hi Nancy,

How do you handle students who do not follow classroom rules after you have made a point to go over policies.

For example, the student who was sneaking a bite of their sandwich, the one who didnt cut her nails to the appropriate length, or those who are speaking while the instructor is speaking.

Do you put them out or do you try to work with them and turn a blind eye sometimes?

We have Students who may be defiant with a particular instructor because they think, "he goes too hard."

They complain that he is too controlling and does too much. I do my best to support him and share that he has to be in control but he is having a difficult time handlibg the students who are roigh around the edges.

Any advice? 

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