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Families sabotage student success

Does anyone experience students whose success is being undermined by their families? 

For example, students are "forced" to go away with the family instead of staying home to study. Or families let students start school, promising to help with child care, but then rescind the help a few weeks later. 

Any thoughts on how to deal with this phenomenon?



Detachment!  Yes, families will sabotage your efforts to wanting personal growth in your life.  Sometimes, if communication is unsuccessful in getting the support you need by your immediate family, then detachment is Healthy.


Being a single parent who not only wanted to raise her own child, it was imperative that further education was warranted.  My family is very supportive, however Controlling!  This did not work for my personal growth n development, let alone wanting to foster a healthy relationship with my child, so I moved away from my family to go raise my child and further my education for success.  

The support I received from my Church Family was Successful and Fruitful.  Not only did I have the spiritual support needed to raise my daughter as a single parent, I had the church community support as well.

Clinical hours can start as early as 0400.  Amazing how Sister Gretchen was so eager in accepting my daughter first thing in the morning before she attended school.  Both expressed the Joy and Love in their morning scripture readings and prayer time together.  Breakfast time was even more special because my daughter loved to cook and Sister was Amazed at how well she could put a fabulous meal together so quickly. 

Never did I have to worry where my daughter was or was she taken care of kindly.  And, Father Mike taught both of us the virtue of Service in Helping Others along our Journey.  Many service hours back to the church and our community was a pleasant gift of self. 

Not only did I graduate and enter the work force, my daughter graduated with honors and graduated from college as well.

Sometimes we have to Detach from Toxic Environments in Order to Get Healthy.  No Matter What we Do, Blood Family will Always be Our First Family, However along our journey in life we create the families that love n support our efforts in life thereby returning that Love, Support and Effort to Others.  It's What Make's Community, Healthy Communities.

Recommendation.....Find the Support You Need to Succeed.  Unfortunately, it may not be your immediate family.

Healthy Choices :)


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