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Customer Service.

Its true , i will not return to a store with poor customer service. I believe the customer have a right to choose the business that goes above and beyond to make the visit special and comfortable. A smile, a welcome are simple effective ways to start.

there are other ways to receive great customer service,if the employee of the store is not knowledgeable and you reconize it as a customer then you as the customer should not become judgemental and request to speak with someone expierenced you may not know if that employee is a new start and making a irarational decission in not returning back to the store.sometimes we dont know how to ask questions as a customer.

Good Point Zach.  As a consumer/customer, if the questions are not met or the item is not fully understand, as a consumer of wanting knowledge before making a decision to buy a product or not, we have that ability to either go up the chain to more knowledgable employees or seek self knowledge by means of books, internet, friend referrals and/or other customers' opinions on certain products.  Leaving the customer to make his/her own decision verses being left with following the norm or trends can either lead to disaster or satisfaction in the product they have researched before purchasing.  At the end of the day, Choices, are what we as consumers have in making decisions that best fits each customers' needs.  And Yes, making irarational decisions or having behaviorial outbursts when our needs are not fulfilled is not a positive coping strategy to any situation.  Now we have the blame game as to why it didn't work for them verses another.  Food for thought.

Understood...not understand, oops.

Make sure the student is aware of all the choices available to them.   Each choice they have may effect each student differently depending on their circumstance.  

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