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Amy Bacon

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I think discussing best practices with your colleagues is very beneficial to our growth as instructors.  I like to bounce off my ideas and experiences with their own ideas and experiences. 

One best practice that I find effective is calling my new students before the class starts and welcoming them to the program as well as answering any of their last minute questions.  The new students really respond to it and also helps to ease any of their anxiety regarding the first day of class.

Here's a great resource for you to assess your student's learning styles.  Enjoy!

I plan to sharpen my communication skills to better retain my students.

I think emoticons are important to use in my communications with students so that they perceive my communications accurately.  Thanks!

I recommend using google voice because it allows you to text with your students and for them to call you on your cell phone without giving out your cell phone number.  It's a great app to use in fostering positive relationships with your students.

The one thing that I don't like about online education is the solitary nature of it.  I have always enjoyed making friends in a class and becoming study buddies with them throughout a course.

Reflecting on what I have learned so far, I keep realizing more and more not to take it personal with my students.  I have good relationships with all of them and they are most often absent due to an external event that has nothing to do with me.

I enjoyed this course and have already implemented some of the activities in my classroom with great success.  With all of these games, my students were laughing, engaged, and really enjoyed it.  I think my favorite one so far has been the matching game.  I used colored pieces of paper and wrote down eighteen pairs of medical conditions on them.  I then layed them out randomly on the floor and divided the class into two teams.  Each team took turns trying to find a pair of matching conditions and if they found a pair they also had to explain the… >>>

I think my students learn better when they teach me.  I prefer to be the "Guide by the side" as opposed to the "Sage on the stage".  What do you think?

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