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what does going above and beyond regular customer service mean?

Providing outstanding customer service, successful business focus on building customer service loyalty above all else. Understanding the customer needs and exploring the new trends those potential customers are seeking for. Since most customers shop over the internet it is important that once they meet with a representative in person they are provided with as much information regarding good value.


Above and beyon customer service in the education industry involves finding out what the customer needs or wants and helping the customer meet those needs or wants while making him/her feel as if your focus is only on him/her.  Really listening and advising based on what you hear.  Help them to get back on track or on the right track so they can be successful.

To provide good customer service active listening from everyone on the faculty is involved. The student must feel that the faculty is concerned about them and their needs. If we as faculty actively listen then we may be able to come up with a solution to the help the student. Student success is our top priority. It is everyones responsibility to provide customer service. Not just the instructor. We need to support our students in all aspects of the program.

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