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Feedback on student issues and status must be easily available to faculty and all stakeholders

In our school, faculty must search through the master database and review spreadsheets to determine if a student is having difficulties in other classes or has transportation, health or other issues. There's no "feedback loop" to instructors and others responsible for student retention. This makes retaining students time-consuming and frustrating. Resolving student or school issues quickly is the key to boosting retention, but it takes timely information to take action.

Keeping students engaged.

Whats are some of your ideas that help keep students engaged during orientation.


Very informative information on persistance and retention. The 3 "Ms" are important. Stay positive and other will follow.

Student retention

Very good information.


I learned alot in this corse..


How long do you think orientation should be? 1 hour?

Principales Razones de la deserción de los estudiantes

Cuales serían las principales razones por la que un estudiante ya no continue un curso o programa en línea?

En que momento se considera que ha desertado, por uno o varios períodos?

Es el factor económico algo que se pueda controlar por la institución?


Cuales son las principales razones para que un estudiante no continue en un curso, y en que momento lo consideramos que ya decerto, después de un período?

RT 105 - Customer Service

I strongly believe that doing a regular students' survey at the end of each course helps to improve understanding of the students' needs. The surveys provide the school/instructors a better "pulse" about the students' needs and their experience in the classroom & the school, as a whole. The surveys make us more engaged in trying to make things better for our customers (students) and remind us that we can do better.

Tyrus White Sr.

I found out that if one person don,t agree to the normal operation of how life or a matter of life they will not go with the flow which cause negative action.


Like the 20 question test better than the 5 question test

Talking to students about realistic expectations

Several students tiold me I'm "hard but eay". I push the envelope, I state my expectations from the first class. 

When students "don't get concepts" from quiz or homework, I invite discussion/feedback from students. What are they doing or not doing? Why are they not understanding key concepts I lecture (PWR PT). Feedback provides students opportunity to see what I can do to improve their focus on class material presented.


HARD: I make them adhere to school policies, wearing the uniform (scrubs), being on time, taking responsibility.


EASY Even though sometime difficult concepts, I break it down in… >>>

RT104 Completion

This course illustrated many of the "soft skills" that are necessary to promoting a strong and healthy educational environment. Thank you for all of the positive reinforcement presented throughout these modules.


Learned alot from this course! enjoyed the course. thank you


How do you recognize stress?

Customer strategy

How often should managers work directly with cistomers to get a feel on the environment


I agree in that it is best to reach all new students as soon as possible and address any questions they may have. I find it effective to also seek out potential "issues" the students might have which would prevent them from succeeding in the program. I recently had a student absent for 2 days and found out it was due to transportation. To the student, the world was ending. On my end, i referred the student to Student Affairs and they were able to obtain a bus pass. Easy fix and the student was retained.

Families sabotage student success

Does anyone experience students whose success is being undermined by their families? 

For example, students are "forced" to go away with the family instead of staying home to study. Or families let students start school, promising to help with child care, but then rescind the help a few weeks later. 

Any thoughts on how to deal with this phenomenon?




Do you think it sends a postive message to the students for allowing a student back to school after a physical fight with another student?

Best practice for student retention

One best practice that I find effective is calling my new students before the class starts and welcoming them to the program as well as answering any of their last minute questions.  The new students really respond to it and also helps to ease any of their anxiety regarding the first day of class.