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Area of Control

I believe all these concepts start in the Admissions Associates interview. The orientation should then address them again. Their perception will then start to become reality when all departments are on the same page.

First Week Retention efforts

Does anyone have a formal plan in place too have admission involved in the transition of students too faculty?


Has anyone tried holding orientation in conjunction with the first day of class? Would this not make it easier too have new students interact with current students, staff and faculty?

Practice what you preach

I'm amazed almost daily at lack of attention companies pay too customer service. One of the most cost effective measures a company can take to distance itself from its competition is too provide great customer service. Great customer service is often promised but seldom delivered.

Retention rates verses serving the needs of the student population.

We are an allied health vocational school drawing the great majority of our student population from a public school system that has poorly prepared them. Few of our students can do simple math and many read at an elementary level. They have graduated with these few skills due to a system that simply passes them through and many students arrive at our institution with the expectation that if they show up on a reasonably regular basis we have to pass them. Assesment of skills possessed, skills needed, time committment understanding, work ehtic, etc. would in many cases indicate that a… >>>

Quality vs Quantity

With the increasing demand on the bottom line is it better to increase enrollments at the risk of enrolling less qualified students? When I say less qualified students I mean students that clearly aren't prepared to be in school due to living situation, finanancial difficulties or other reasons that would inevitably keep them from graduating. This seems self defeating. Any suggestions or thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Michele


I learned a lot from taking RT101 and will utilize the stratergies to improve overall retention in my class.

Welcome Packets

I want to stress the importance of providing a welcome packet of info for new students. I have helped coordinate many orientation sessions at our institute. This was the first orientation in which we implemented the welcome packets. Of course, all new students probably receive a dictionary sized stack of paperwork at any orientation. However, when we PERSONALIZED these stacks into a concise and neat folder, I noticed a couple of things. First, a greater percentage of the required forms to be filled out by the students were returned properly and promptly. Second, it seemed to reinforce the students sense… >>>

How to get the instructors on board when they tend to be blind sided?

Is there such a thing as too involved?

I feel I get too involved at times. I really and truly care for my students. I get like an "instant high" when they get an excellent job. I even helped one student how received a large amount of money and hadn't any clue about the world open an savings account and a safety deposit box. Another student had no place to live and I brought her into my home temporially.

Problem getting into forum

I am having problems getting into a forum, and seem to only be able to post a new topic. Is this something that you have encountered before?

Orientation Program Length

How long do orientations like these (breaking into departmental meetings, meeting faculty and other students, getting registered for class, etc., and then reconvening in the large group) take?


Does anyone do an orientation like the one discussed in this module? If so, how does it work? I would be interested, especially, in an incremental approach, having students move from department to department, and interaction with current students.

Student mentors

The idea of having students talk at orientation struck me as a good one. Is there anyone who does that, and how have you set it up?

late enrollments

How can a school catch the students who fall through the cracks in the enrollment process?

instructor involvement during orientation

I am interested in any feed back concerning active participation of instructors during orientation?


I am interested in finding additional "new or unique approaches to ice breakers during orientation?

student mentoring

are there any additional ways to address the issue of student menoring struggling students?

On-going efforts

I think we do an excellent job on building commitment in the first week, even the first class or two. However, after the initial quarter, we start focusing on the next learning community of students in their first quarter. What kinds of activities have you put in place to make sure you don't lose touch with your contuing students? It seems like we treat new students special but then forget about them once they make it through the first quarter. Our retention is actually worse in their first program-specific course (third term) then it is in our first quarter classes.

Alumni Relations

I am interested in involving past graduates or successful senior students in our orientation process. Have any of you tried this approach to reducing students' fears and building excitement? If so, how do you track the graduates or students that might be a fit for this role?