Using Planning Tools Effectively

We are a computer centric career school so we look for career options that fit our business model. Our school does a lot of Workforce Board funded training so it must be on the local Targeted... >>>

Using Research Effectively

My institution has a specific position (mine) that is responsible for conducting all the preliminary research on new programs to assess need, identify competitors, determine programmatic... >>>

Using Planning Tools Effectively

What kinds of planning tools are already used by your institution? How much of the existing planning tools will you use? What new planning tools will you bring to the... >>>

Using Research Effectively

How prepared are you to conduct research to determine what new training programs to offer? What else do you feel you still need to... >>>

Gathering Competitive Data

List all the training centers in your community. What discoveries have you made in terms of serious competition to your institution and ideas for new programs to... >>>

New Program Data

List all the new continuing education courses offered in your community or elsewhere. What discoveries have you made and what ideas do you have for new courses to... >>>

Using Available Data

What surveys does your institution have in place? How can you use the current data? What new surveys and other research techniques do you have to put in place to gather data to make informed decisions... >>>

Graduate Placement Data

Who on staff has information about the companies that currently hire your graduates and companies that do not? How can you work together to gather missing company... >>>

The Information Gathering Process

Module 1 starts the process of gathering information to make effective program decisions. What information do you already have? How will you gather the additional... >>>

The Advisory Board

An Advisory Board or committee is very important for program decision-making. Who will you have on your board and what is their affiliation with your... >>>

Reaching out to new sites

What are some good forms of communication to use to reach out to sites that have not offered externships... >>>

Potential Employers

It is essential to know that there will be jobs for potential graduates of any newly created programs. Should potential employers be part of an advisory... >>>

Sticking with an ideal marketing strategy

Once you establish an ideal marketing strategy then it is best to stay with it. The answer is false on the test but I feel you do stick with what works and keep looking for other markets but still... >>>

Libraries are optional?

Libraries are optional when offering vocational programs. True We offer a vocational school and we have to have a library or our school will not pass its renewal. We even have to provide in... >>>

another quiz question

Student services offerings are optional for most schools. True False Feedback Student services are as important as the program offerings. With the right student services your students are... >>>

Is there risk in going outside industry in board selection?

I recently was made aware of a board selection to a very large organization and the board member elect was from outside the industry, but brought a wealth of knowledge and general business experience.... >>>

Before we start new programs...

It is wise to ensure the programs you are currently offering are running as efficiently as possible. Name a few reasons why you would want to ensure... >>>

Online Programs = International students

How can we prepare our staff to deal with multicultural students, with different currency, and difference in time and skills?... >>>

Build the Bench

I am on a mission the ‘Build the Bench” on my campus. It has been a challenge recruiting candidates. I find that hiring the right staff, in the long term is more beneficial for students... >>>

How do you build a pool of applicants?

I sometimes run into the problem of needing to replace someoe on short notice - not often, probably less than once a year. How have other people kept possible applicants "in the pipeline" for a long... >>>