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Student services offerings are optional for most schools.

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Student services are as important as the program offerings. With the right student services your students are more likely to stay in school, graduate, and find employment.

I know the question says most schools but what about the schools that are limited on funding or staff? Its very difficult to be able to provide unlimited help to those that have graduated with out unlimited resources.

Yes, Austin, many schools have limited funding and thus reduce expenditures to support student success. This often means that office staff and instructors have the task to get students through difficult times. The result are problems and challenges. Schools are measured on student success, retention, graduation, and placement. Without adequate assistance students will drop out and many won't get jobs. Therefore schools need to be creative when funds are low. For that reason many ask their alumni to get involved and help out on a volunteer basis. This often works out well for all involved. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz

This is ultimately the problem we are having at this very moment. We are very limited on funding and usually results in the Ed. Director and/or Instructors taking on everything students are having issues with, don't understand, and/or need help or motivation in completing the program.
What would you suggest be the first step in providing better student services as a whole for students from beginning to end, rather than just when a problem, issue or question arises with such limited resources?

This is always a challenge. To most students their instructors are the school. Therefore students look to their instructors to handle all their challenges. That means that instructors need to be aware that this is going to happen. They need to be trained about what areas they can assist the student and when they have to refer to the student services staff. The next step is to create an ideal Student Services department. Gather 10 or more people who have an strong interest in the success of your school. Brainstorm about what services should be offered. Based on this create an ideal Department listing services and details. Figure out what you don't know. Get help. Train senior students to help out and definitely ask your Alumni to assist. Thanks, Susan

Dr. Susan Schulz